Using the HTTP method, the messages can be posted to FEBNO SMS gateway from any in-house or web application. The API supports both English and Arabic.

Shown below is the URL and the variables. Note that when you are submitting the messages all characters should be URL encoded

URL xxxx&UserId=xxxxxx&Password=xxxx&unicode=0

Parameter Definition

MobileNumber: The number of the handset to which the message must be delivered. The number shouldbe in international number format.Message: The Message parameter refers to the actual message that is to be sent to the destination mobile

number. All characters in the message should be URL encoded.Unicode: The parameter specifies the language. Unicode will be zero for English and 1 for Arabic.UserID: The authentication ID of the account. The ID will be in email ID format. Eg:

and is provided by the administrator.Pwd: Password of the account