FEBNO SMS – Multi SMS using SOAP Interface

This document provides the technical details of the SOAP based SMS API for the FEBNO SMS Engine Suite. This API is provided for customers to use any standard software development application to send SMS Messages through FEBNO SMS Gateway. This protocol is best suited for offline application who wishes to send messages by calling the function each time.

How to Use the API

Any standard software development tool can be used to use the SOAP API which can consume a web service. The following are the steps required to send a message.

Create an client by consuming the SOAP message using the WSDL provided

Send the SOAP call to the http URL provided

Receive the XML response and check the status of the request

User Validation

User validation is done using the user id and password specified in the SOAP Request

Programming Details

SOAP Function

SendMessage(ByVal XMLData As String, ByVal UserID As String, ByVal Password As String) As String

XML Tag for Sending

<SMS> <Messages> <Message> <MobileNumber>XXXXXXXXXMOBILE1, XXXXXXXXXMOBILE2, XXXXXXXXXMOBILE3</MobileNumber>
</Message> </Messages> </SMS>


The URL to include the SOAP Reference is :


XML Tag Response

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' ?>
<SMS> <Responses> <MessageResponse> <MobileNumber>XXXXXXXXXMOBILE1</MobileNumber> <SMSREF>2007XXXXXXX</SMSREF> <Status>S</Status> </MessageResponse> <MessageResponse> <MobileNumber>97150xxxxxxx</MobileNumber> <SMSREF> XXXXXXXXXMOBILE2</SMSREF> <Status>S</Status> </MessageResponse> </Responses> <bStatus>Error</bStatus> <bError></bError>

STATUS CODES -status Tag

S-Successful submission

F – An error occurred while processing. The ERROR Tag inside the MessageResponse will provide the details of the error

B – The specified mobile is blocked for sending


bstatus Tag

Error-Error for the entire batch. Success-Successful submission