1. NOC should be put on company letter head and needs to be duly signed by authorized signatory.
  2. The NOC should carry the SEAL of the company over the signature of the authorized signatory.
  3. Sender-Id can be a Maximum of 11 Characters
  4. Please fill the appropriate information and delete the words in red.
  5. In case of multiple sender-id white listing, Senderid(s) should be mentioned separately.
  6. It is mandatory to describe the justification and message type for each sender-id requested.
  7. If a sender-id is required for both type of messaging i.e. Promotional and Transactional then the same sender-ids needs to be mentioned in two rows once with messaging type – Trans and second one with messaging type – Promo.
  8. Please ensure that the sender-id for Promotional and Transactional are different.

Click here to download NOC letter for Sender ID